Jacaranda Tree

Seeds held in nature’s case
Ready to be free, to accept the wind
And land in a place meant-to-be
Time it takes to grow and bloom
Worth the wait
Soon enough the streets are lined
Multiple friends standing side by side, entwined
A tunnel formed
An invitation to journey through
Look up and see glory
A mural of pure beauty
Purple petals rain down and blanket the ground,
Like snow in a wonderland
Wonderment in this moment
Journey round and repeat again.

(c) Lisa Moralee McLardy

Our beach of memories


We journey together, you and me.

Creating a beach of memories.

There are times when we walk barefoot over jagged rocks.

Not knowing what will be more painful the step, the anticipation or to walk away.

Then there are times when we walk over pebbles,

Rounded by stormy waters.

The path still needs a careful step,

But it gently massages our tender feet.

It humbles us and gives moments of splendour.

The days when our feet touch the sand are the ones I savour.

The waves offer rejuvenation as our toes anchor in the sand.

We skip pebbles across the water reflecting on our journey.

We sigh relief and smile contently.

We journey together, you and me.

Every grain of sand tells our story.

Every step creates our beach of memories.

(c) Lisa Moralee McLardy

Separated by the pane

I hold my hand against the glass
(Literally the only thing separating us)
Condensation makes an outline of hope
As if it will change things

A boarding pass
A plan
A goal
In two years will we still be whole?

I am surrounded by excitement
People leaving on a jet plane
All I feel is an aching

I desperately hope you will change your mind
Opportunity, dreams our future are the reason
But I am selfish
Can’t it wait until later?
We have come so far
And now must pause
As our future takes flight

You hold your hand against mine
(Separated by the pane)
Our eyes meet
I realise this is happening
No procrastination optional

The intercom announces last call
This is you
(Is this our last call?)
Will we last?
Our promise is intangible
The only option is to believe

Tears blur my vision
As I watch you walk towards destiny
(I thought I was your destiny)

I remove my hand, the marks fade quickly
Farewell for now
Until I can hold your hand in mine

(c) Lisa Moralee McLardy






An accompanied journey

Two steps (in the opposite direction to the one he thought he loved)
Was all it took

The love they shared was true
It was absolute, for a time.
But as the seconds ticked the relationship stalled
Leaving shattered debris and uncared for hearts

Unaccompanied he is left to contemplate
To adjust
To dream

Time moved forward to reveal possibility
For a while he coasted
Hoping for extraordinary but accepting the norm

Finally destiny realigned itself
And he journeyed with difference,
Knowing something would break the monotony

Along the path he found a penny
Examination revealed it too had a story to tell
Passed from palm to palm, enticing soulmates to cross paths.
He placed it safely in his pocket
And followed the path to the well-made-for-wishing

Unbeknown to our protagonist the penny slipped from
It’s safe haven, landing quietly on the lush grass

Now soul mates are meant-to-be
They search for each other and
Upon meeting the fall into familiarity
Igniting a connection established long ago

An equally enticing search for love
Encouraged our heroin to journey along the same path
A welcomed moment in the sun revealed a reflective penny
Just waiting to be found
The well-made-for-wishing, the keeper of extraordinary dreams, would accept this token
And reveal her destiny
Impatient to complete her task she followed the clouds and took a short cut

On approach to the-well-made-for-wishing she held her breath
And held the penny close
After a moment to embrace possibility
She closed her eyes and let fate draw the penny near
Seconds turned to minutes
She opened her eyes in tandem with her exhale

She noticed him immediately
(Her soulmate, she knew)
He was frantically searching for something
(His token for the well)
His search halted as soon as his eyes locked with hers
There was no need
The search was complete

Palm to palm they followed the clouds
Starting their long accompanied journey

(c) Lisa Moralee McLardy

A creation of wonder


Trilogy of the primary source
Confident to stand alone yet

Ready for a meeting of meant-to-be
Inevitably producing a trilogy of the secondary source

The palette is generous
Step by step each combination provides an explosion of amazement
A variety of every shade
A creation of wonder


(c) Lisa Moralee McLardy

My day of reflection

During my day of reflection I found a storybook
Filled with pastimes and anecdotes.
It reminded me of the way words used to
Express my world

The words have been dormant
Misplaced in a whirlwind
Just waiting for an opportunity

During my day of reflection I turned the pages
Absorbed and intrigued.
In-between the lines I found the words
Waiting for an opportunity
I discovered a storybook yet to be
A reflection of rediscovered passion
A record of pastimes and anecdotes

I came across a penny…

I came across a penny

And I knew it crossed your palm.

How long before, I cannot be sure.

All I know is it will lead me to you.


I followed the clouds to a wishing-well.

And here my fairy tale turned its page.

I heard many stories,

Little tips on know-how

And to cherish life’s chimes.


I held your penny close as I told my story so far.

Secretly making a wish I let the penny part from my palm.

As it journeyed into the wishing-well I closed my eyes and thought of you.

A moment later you appeared,

Frantically searching for your penny.

The penny you saved for a single wish

Of love pure and true.


I came across a penny

And I knew it crossed your palm.

How long before, I cannot be sure.

All I know has lead me to you.


We bid farewell to the wishing-well,

And follow the clouds palm to palm.

Our fairy tale has turned its page.


(C) Lisa Moralee McLardy




Lots of To-dos Today

It’s a busy day, lots of to-dos to get through.

Determined to tick off a record amount.

Moving faster then I should.

Our tranquil living room welcomes the afternoon sun, just like it did yesterday.

Challenging my frantic, multi-tasking thoughts.

In a moments breath I see your smile.

You are playing so contently, so enthralled.

You know what it’s all about.

You have captured the moment.

This precious, precious moment.

The to-dos will be there tomorrow, but this moment will change.

Embrace this time and just be together.

Anxious pulls of errands and admin melt away.

In the quiet afternoon sun we play, so enthralled, so content.


(c) Lisa Moralee McLardy