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An accompanied journey

Two steps (in the opposite direction to the one he thought he loved)
Was all it took

The love they shared was true
It was absolute, for a time.
But as the seconds ticked the relationship stalled
Leaving shattered debris and uncared for hearts

Unaccompanied he is left to contemplate
To adjust
To dream

Time moved forward to reveal possibility
For a while he coasted
Hoping for extraordinary but accepting the norm

Finally destiny realigned itself
And he journeyed with difference,
Knowing something would break the monotony

Along the path he found a penny
Examination revealed it too had a story to tell
Passed from palm to palm, enticing soulmates to cross paths.
He placed it safely in his pocket
And followed the path to the well-made-for-wishing

Unbeknown to our protagonist the penny slipped from
It’s safe haven, landing quietly on the lush grass

Now soul mates are meant-to-be
They search for each other and
Upon meeting the fall into familiarity
Igniting a connection established long ago

An equally enticing search for love
Encouraged our heroin to journey along the same path
A welcomed moment in the sun revealed a reflective penny
Just waiting to be found
The well-made-for-wishing, the keeper of extraordinary dreams, would accept this token
And reveal her destiny
Impatient to complete her task she followed the clouds and took a short cut

On approach to the-well-made-for-wishing she held her breath
And held the penny close
After a moment to embrace possibility
She closed her eyes and let fate draw the penny near
Seconds turned to minutes
She opened her eyes in tandem with her exhale

She noticed him immediately
(Her soulmate, she knew)
He was frantically searching for something
(His token for the well)
His search halted as soon as his eyes locked with hers
There was no need
The search was complete

Palm to palm they followed the clouds
Starting their long accompanied journey

(c) Lisa Moralee McLardy

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