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Separated by the pane

I hold my hand against the glass
(Literally the only thing separating us)
Condensation makes an outline of hope
As if it will change things

A boarding pass
A plan
A goal
In two years will we still be whole?

I am surrounded by excitement
People leaving on a jet plane
All I feel is an aching

I desperately hope you will change your mind
Opportunity, dreams our future are the reason
But I am selfish
Can’t it wait until later?
We have come so far
And now must pause
As our future takes flight

You hold your hand against mine
(Separated by the pane)
Our eyes meet
I realise this is happening
No procrastination optional

The intercom announces last call
This is you
(Is this our last call?)
Will we last?
Our promise is intangible
The only option is to believe

Tears blur my vision
As I watch you walk towards destiny
(I thought I was your destiny)

I remove my hand, the marks fade quickly
Farewell for now
Until I can hold your hand in mine

(c) Lisa Moralee McLardy







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