Little Bear

I am excited to share this poem from, a new place to share poems, stories and a love of reading.

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A creation of wonder


Trilogy of the primary source
Confident to stand alone yet

Ready for a meeting of meant-to-be
Inevitably producing a trilogy of the secondary source

The palette is generous
Step by step each combination provides an explosion of amazement
A variety of every shade
A creation of wonder


(c) Lisa Moralee McLardy

My day of reflection

During my day of reflection I found a storybook
Filled with pastimes and anecdotes.
It reminded me of the way words used to
Express my world

The words have been dormant
Misplaced in a whirlwind
Just waiting for an opportunity

During my day of reflection I turned the pages
Absorbed and intrigued.
In-between the lines I found the words
Waiting for an opportunity
I discovered a storybook yet to be
A reflection of rediscovered passion
A record of pastimes and anecdotes

Thanks for making my everyday

It’s not officially Daddy’s Day but wanted to share…

Today is your first Daddy’s Day
A chance for me to say thank you for being the best
You are, you know.                                                                                                                                                    So big and strong, my Dada is number one.

I love it when we play our games,
You make me laugh,
You make me smile
You are so much fun.

I know you worry about me so,
You watch me closely and shield me with your Daddy protection.

When I feel unwell you are there to give me a cuddle.
When I can’t sleep you keep me calm and shhh so well, remember one time you even shhhed yourself to sleep!

Meal times are always an adventure,
What’s the word, oh yes that plane, I love it when you make it go whoosh.

Dada you are so special in every way,
Today is your day,
Thank you for making my everyday.

(c) Lisa Moralee McLardy

Adventure in the Garden Today

Dad and I went out in the garden to play,
The garden is full of adventure Owen, Dad said.
Let’s start by looking in the flower bed.
I see lots of roses and buttercups too,
Don’t forget the snail and its trail of goo.
Next we roll around on the grass,
Let’s see how long we can last.
Dad gets tired and stands up straight,
I’ll race you to the wind chime hanging on the gate.
I get there first and smile with glee,
Dad says well done, you are much faster than me.
Now the pond with the swimming fish,
I know Dad, let’s make a wish.
After a grumble in my tummy I say,
I know just what to wish for after all that playing.
Just then I hear Mum saying,
Lunch is ready you two.
I look up at Dad and grin,
I’ll race you, let see who will win.

(c) Lisa Moralee McLardy

Owen Hug!

I had to share this quick and sweet story. The Cbeebies show Hey Duggee is a family favourite in our household. At the end of each episode Duggee gets a ‘Duggee hug’. At this point Owen (our 23 month old) runs and gives Mummy and Daddy a big hug. This morning he also decided to hug his truck and the couch. So cute and adorable!